Corners for RapidWeaver® & Stacks Plugin

Corners Stack

Corners is a Stack element for adding interactive, simple and informative corner elements on your web site design. Works with RapidWeaver and Stacks 3 .



Key Features

  • Limitless Content

    Corners accepts any third-party ( or default ) stacks as the content of the pop-up modal. Throw in a web form, an image gallery or just plain HTML message.

  • Highly Customizable

    Corners comes with a large number of style settings that make using it a breeze. Edit the colors, border, placement ... you name it.

  • Multiple Page Instances

    You are not limited to just one corner. You are not even limited to one button per corner. As you can see in our demo page, you can use Corners as much as you like on a single page.

  • Kewl Animations

    Choose from 13 different and snazzy animated effects to load and unload the Corner Modals. Spin, Flip or Fade your Corners Modal into view.

  • Font Awesome Icons

    Corners comes with support for the full Font Awesome library of icons in a convenient drop-down menu. Simply select the icon you wanna rock and publish.